Lok Sabha election - Parliament elections 2009 - Opinion Poll Results

 U.D.F (Congress and allies may get 11-14 seats and the L.D.F (C.P.I (M) and allies may get 6-9 seats

Institute For Monitoring Economic Growth ( I.M.E.G) ,a research organization based at Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala having a Psephology centre , has conducted an opinion poll in connection with the ensuing 15th Lok Sabha election-Parliament elections 2009 -in Kerala .The Lok Sabha elections are going to be conducted on 16th April 2009 in Kerala .The survey was conducted between April 3 and April 10 . The results were announced in a press conference held in the Press Club Hall, Thiruvananthapuram by Meera Sahib ,Director of the organization. A total of 65418 eligible voters across 20 constituencies were surveyed from the State. Two types of swing surveys and an opinion poll were conducted using random sampling techniques and the results were pooled and final results prepared. The Survey results reveal that Congress and allies - U.D.F - are expected to get between 11-14 seats against one seat in 2004.The C.P.I (M) and allies may get 6-9 seats against 18 seats in 2004. BJP may not open account in this election in Kerala. Same is the case with B.S.P which is contesting in 20 seats and N.C.P contesting in 4 seats . The voters especially educated youth are strongly against the political parties having alliance with communal forces ,the survey reveals. The average voting percentage in 2004 L.S Election was 71.45. It will be less this time due to this factor ,the survey results say. The report further says that the CPI(M) led front may win in Kasaragod , Alathur ,Alappuzha ,Kollam ,Idukki and Attingal constituencies and there are winning chances in Kannur ,Vadakara,Kottayam constituencies. There is good prospects for Sasi Tharoor ,former Under Secretary General of U.N.O ,the Opinion Poll results forecast. The voters are not happy with the politicians and candidates having more wealth as they are not serving offices of profits, the survey results opine. The survey was conducted by a team of professional psephologists , Prof. M.M Safarulla Khan, A.M Joseph ,T.P.Mukundan and, P.V.Unni under the leadership of A. Meera Sahib ,the Director of the I.M.E.G.